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File Upload

We have put together some basic guidelines below this form that should help with questions regarding your artwork. If you still have questions please contact us.

Illustrator (.ai, .eps, .pdf)
InDesign (.indd, .idml, .pdf)
The preferred format is .eps or .pdf

Link/embed all images
Create outlines for all text or include font file


Photoshop (.psd, .jpg, .tif, .bmp, .png, .pdf)

Link/embed all images

The higher the resolution of your files, the better the final output will be. Please see our recommended resolution settings below.

NOTE: For most large format print jobs, the print files do not need to be saved at a resolution exceeding 150 dpi. Any files larger than this will typically have little impact on the final print quality, and will only slow down the proofing and production process.

Important note: The best test to see if you will be pleased with the final resolution of your printed project is to enlarge the file to 100% on your computer monitor and step back to view it. How the resolution appears on your monitor will be very similar to how it will appear on your finished wall or window. But keep in mind that most large format digital graphics are viewed from distances that permit lower resolution output.

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